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Online Mixing


Orange Byte Studios is technically proficient with current generation Digital Audio Workstations like ProTools, Logic Pro and Cubase and can accept audio stems from any other existing systems. Equipped with powerful mix systems, professional studio grade effects and plug-in, we’ve created a harmonized monitoring environment. Your mix will sound great regardless of where you listen to it, be it on your home stereo deck, car audio system or a hi end audio system, enabling you to have a mix at par with the best in the industry.

A Sample of our mixing work


How to send in your mixes


Upload audio tracks on Orange Byte Audio’s secure FTP server, or by post them to us on a DVD. Do ensure that the DVD is Mac-compatible while burning.

Our must-haves:

  • Please name and label your tracks appropriately. (For instance, Kick drum should be titled kick drum, not KD)
  • Please send across individual tracks from your session (bounced down/exported) from the first bar
  • Please ensure that you send them across in .wav, .aiff audio formats only
  • Please ensure that your individual tracks are exported and indicated as per your session if the latter is in 44.100Khz and 24bit
  • Please convert any MIDI and virtual instrument tracks to audio only
  • Please remove all effects from your audio tracks. If they are vital, please allow us the liberty to have both the dry version in addition to the one laced with effects, in the likelihood that our engineers better the sound
  • Please make sure that there is no digital clipping or distortion while exporting, bouncing or printing your tracks. The best way to avoid this is to have your entire track faders set to -9 dB below 0. Consequently, we have more headroom to work with
  • Please provide us with any information pertaining to the track - your musical ideas, styling sounds you wish to achieve, any reference mp3s etc. – so we have your goals firmly in mind.

Our delivery parameters

  • 44.100kHz @ 16 bit ready for CD duplication
  • 44.100 kHz @ 24 bit for achieving purposes (applicable only if the original individual tracks are sent to us in 44.100 kHz @ 24 bit)
  • A mastered version of your mix in hi quality mp3 format
  • A DVD back- up of your entire mix session, if requested

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Orange Byte Studios provides Audio services for platforms like:
Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Game Cube, Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advanced, PC, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Flash, Java and all hand held mobile games.

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