Music Composition

With expertise in creating adaptive and interactive music for gaming and allied arenas and with command over music across genres, we can deliver potentially award-winning soundtracks for you.

Sound Design

Our creative competency in designing sound, our custom sound library, technical knowledge of sound synthesis, and advanced DSP techniquesallow us to deliver sounds that are tailored for your game’s specifications. Ranging from mono to full multichannel surround SFX, we guarantee customization and compatibility for any budget and audio format.

Audio Post Production

Our highly experienced engineersare proficient with current generation DAW’s. They are given an empowering recording & mixing environmentequipped with powerful mix systems, professional studio grade effects and plug-ins.

Voice Over & Other Talents

We have an inexhaustible supply of renownedvoice-over artists, singers, session-musicians and other vocal specialists, ensuringabundant creative options for all our projects


We don’t just deliver great sounding games but also complete integration support regardless of the gaming platform. Our expertise in Unity 3D, Fmod, Wwise and other audio integration tools coupled with experience in working on platforms ranging from AAA titles to casual mobile games, ensures that.

Ours Clients

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“We had a fantastic time working with Orange Byte Studios. These guys are extremely professional in their approach, and ensure your experience working with them is stress-free and fruitful. After working with them on our first game, Orange Byte is our ‘go to’ studio for outsourced sound requirements.”

Amit Goyal – Co-Founder at Supersike Games

“Eric and Rahul are driven by passion for music. It was a blast working with them on Disney Hitout Heroes. They are technically strong and well organised. I look forward to working with them in the future. Cheers!.”

Manav Arya – Producer at Octro

“One of the major challenges we had to consider in sound tracks composition for Real Steel was the approval from DreamWorks. With Orange Byte this was not at all a challenge. The requirements were well understood & all their compositions were approved in no time. We were very impressed with the quality of work & the timeline in which they made all this possible. Looking forward to continue working with them in our upcoming games.”

Prabodh Pallu – Associate Producer at EA 

“The guys at Orange Byte are extremely motivated professionals and have been a pleasure to work with. We provided them a fairly vague description of how we visualized our audio to be, and were apprehensive of the result. To our surprise, the very first set they came up with was spot on! I would definitely recommend them for their music ability and more importantly timely delivery with impossible deadlines (we gave them 3 days!) A job very well done.”

Sharad Chaturvedi – C.O.O at Black Cobra Studios 

“I thank Orange Byte Studios for creating good quality music and sound effects for our games. These guys handled the entire process very professionally and always delivered audio assets on time. The experience working with Orange Byte Studios was great and we surely look forward in working together in the future.”

Rituraj Behera – Producer at Medha Edutainment