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Backed by an artillery of rich experience, technical prowess and creativity that has yielded much appreciation and stellar work in the domain of audio, Eric Dillen and Rahul Singh now serve as the combined leading force of reckoning, for Orange Byte Studios.

Team Bio

Audio Directors

Eric Dillen
Rahul Singh


Lambert Shadap
Obou Athili

Born in: Some while back in Kolkata India
In Bloom: Mumbai, India
Societal accreditation: Bachelors Degree in Commerce and Diploma in Audio Engineering form SAE
Bad Company: ESP, M-Audio, AVID Protools, Steinberg, Propellerhead, KRK RPG 6, Bayer Dynamic, Mac Pro, Digitech, Korg and a hell load of VSTi and software Instruments
At Play: Play Station, X Box, Movies, Drink beer, Problem solving, Biking
Favorite Hiding spot: Vasai, Shillong
Yields to: My stomach
Feast of the beast: Almost everything, and my wife’s Mizo food
Sound of Muzak: My own J, Orchestral, Jazz, Blues, Metal and everything that pleases me. (Bollywood can keep sucking!)
Couch surfing: Star Wars the Clone Wars, TV Series, Anime
Wisecracks from the not-so-wise: Great! So you are a Sound Engineer, but what do you do for a living?
Spits in the face of: Blind faith following, Conspirators, people who feel above, and other shit that is going on in this world
Message in a bottle: Lets keep the Stereo Field Even

In Bloom: Mumbai, India
Societal accreditation: Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and Diploma in Audio Engineering form SAE
Bad Company: Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Native Instruments, Steinberg, KRK, Mac Book Pro, Bayer Dynamic, Novation, M-Audio, AKG, Shure, Mapex, and a bag full of VSTi and software Instruments
At Play: Video Games, Make Noise ( Musically & Literally), Play Drums, Travel, Trekking, Watch Movies & Drink anything that gets me high and sets me free!
Favorite Hiding spot: Himalayas - Uttaranchal, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Lonavala, Goa & Mumbai
Yields to: Voices inside my head
Feast of the beast: Indian, Mughlai, Mexican, Italian, Tibetan, all types of Dessert
Sound of Muzak: Electronica, Rock, Orchestral, World, Fusion, Experimental, My Own & any thing that pleases my ears & gets me intrigued
Couch surfing: TLC, Discovery, Anime, World Movies, TV Series, VH1, ESPN, Ten Sports
Wisecracks from the not-so-wise: So how did Mozart & Beethoven mic their musicians?
Spits in the face of: Zealots, People who indulge in - Unfair Treatment & Bad mouthing, Men who misbehave with women, Pretentious pricks!
Message in a bottle: We are all brothers & sisters in parallel frequencies

Born in: Shillong, India
In Bloom: Mumbai, India
Societal accreditation: Bachelors Degree in Electrical and Electronics from the College of Engineering,Guindy ,Chennai, Anna University .
Bad Company: Yamaha,Les Paul, M-Audio,KRK RPG 6,Mac Pro, Digitech, Korg and other software Instruments
Favorite Hiding spot: Shillong
Yields to: Music
Sound of Muzak: Rock,Blues,Metal and of course my own work!
Couch surfing: House MD
Hate: Politics

Born in: Imphal, India
In Bloom: Mumbai, India
Societal accreditation: Bachelors Degree in Commerce and M.B.A in Marketing from IIBM, Pune University
Bad Company: Kramer, Fender Stratocaster, RP80, BOSS CE-2, Marshall amp MG15DFX
Favorite Hiding spot: Pune
Yields to: Music
Sound of Muzak: Blues, Rock, and every tune that's catchy
Couch surfing: Movies, TV series, News
Message in a bottle: There will be an answer, Let it be

Why Play?

The Force: Technically proficient, creative and a highly experienced team of composers, sound designers and audio engineers ready to battle.
The Artillery and Output: Cutting-edge technology and customization in terms of focus and output within an assignment itself, resulting in sound files that are of the highest quality and of optimal use, basis your requirements. Essentially, a positive deviant of the standardized, inflexible working model adopted by competitors.
The Deal Maker: High quality and low cost solution buyouts, single licensing agreements or leasing, custom tailored to your budget and time needs.
Multi-functionality: The entire gamut of audio-related operations right from audio conception to delivery of the final mix housed within the same enterprise, coupled with proactive collaboration with the in-house audio team and programmers to assure you of complete and constant involvement with the project.
God mode: An inexhaustible ammunition/ supply of reputable studios, singers, session musicians, voice over artists for smooth sailing through the audio mission.
Any time log in and play: No matter what part of the world you are in, our studio will provide top notch audio services flexible basis your timings, requirements & budget using our online collaboration tools.
Resume at checkpoint: We have a flexible and robust revision/iteration process in place to ensure that your work is delivered with minimum impact on budgets and timelines.

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