Orange Byte Studios is India’s leading professional audio service provider for video games and apps.

The team at OBS brings a unique combination of musicians, sound designers, audio engineers, audio implementers and voice over artists.

Understanding the core challenges faced with developers for their audio needs, OBS is here to help you get the most appropriate sounds required for your next big game. OBS bridges that gap by providing end to end audio solutions for all your game audio needs with quick turn around time, highly customizable music, sound effects, superior production quality, competitive costs and everything that is required help your game sound great.


Orange Byte Studios was co-founded in 2010 by two graduates of the School of Audio Engineering (SAE). United by their love for music composition, sound design and video games, Eric Dillen and Rahul Singh decided to team up and bring their complementary talents to the market.

They began with an outsourcing model, and offered end to end game audio services that were lacking in the commercial landscape. Their rich experience, technical prowess and creative aesthetics, got them appreciation in non-linear interactive media such as games, apps and interactive media.

They also dabbled in films, documentaries, corporate AVs, animations, jingles and sonic id’s; eventually deciding to focus their creative energies on video games and allied media projects. A focus that has paid off, earning them the respect and trust of their clients. Today, they are one of the leading game audio service providers in India.


Eric Dillen (Composer | Sound Designer | Founder)

Initially starting his career as a live sound engineer, he realized pretty early on that his niche was where he got to express his talent more musically and the shift to making music and sound for games seemed a very natural progression.

Eric has spent the last 10 plus years perfecting his skill to produce the highest quality audio content and has successfully lead audio teams to deliver audio assets on all major gaming devices such as the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone and more.

Apart form doing what he insanely loves doing (making sounds) he enjoys mixing and producing bands and artists,  playing the guitar, good food, the outdoors and has a wide collection of video games right from the NES days.


Rahul Singh (Director | Founder)


A highly creative and forward thinking individual, Rahul has built his reputation as a versatile music composer, producer and sound designer over 9 years of experience. With high profile video game tittles to music albums to film projects to his credit, Rahul is equipped with the skills and experience to see a project through from start to finish with the highest quality result.

In his spare time, Rahul is busy creating and performing music with his band/project(s) or taking backpacking trips.


Rico Sinambela  (Composer | Orchestration)

Rico SinambelaA rising composer of New Age & Epic Orchestral Music.

Influenced by Bartok, JS Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Korsakov, Borodin, Hans Zimmer, Nobuo Uematsu, Steve Vai, Yngwie J Malmsteen, Mussorgsky, Chopin, Dvorak, Shostakovich, Schubert and Kachaturian.

Rico is fully able to create distinctive and original music for soundtracks which have the ability to span emotional and geographical distances, from video game music in any style, slick mainstream music to heart-gripping ethnic atmospheres with epic orchestral support

Deepak Chennakkadan (Audio Programmer | Audio Engineer | Sound Designer)


Working with audio has always been a passionate endeavor for Deepak. He has sculpted himself into both a technical, as well as a creative palette for game audio. He has worked on many game projects and has worn several hats for the same.

With a strong background in programming and scripting languages (C, C++, C#, LUA), he has worked as an audio programmer implementing audio middleware and tools into both custom as well as commercial engines. He has shipped several games on a variety of platforms including iOS, Android and Windows and also had the opportunity to work as a mixing and mastering engineer for a PAX 2014 award winning game, Flickers. For sound design, he utilizes both programmatic as well as synthetic approaches to craft sounds from the ground up. Having worked as an audio director in a variety of projects makes him a leader in his art. He has been playing guitar for 6 years and loves utilizing it in his work as a tool for both sound design and music.

Deepak is active in the games industry and loves attending conferences like GDC, PAX etc. He is constantly learning and keeping up with the new trends in the game audio universe. In his free time, he loves playing and discovering new games as well as recording guitar covers for his YouTube channel.